Opendnp3 is the de facto reference implementation of IEEE-1815 (DNP3). It is provided to the SCADA community under the Apache License.

The core library is modern C++11 that can target most server and embedded platforms.

Full documentation is available here or ask questions on the list.

  • Free stack and tools
  • Achieve Level 2+ conformance with ease
  • Optimized to run on resource constrained embedded systems
  • Non-blocking, event-driven architecture that scales to OS socket limits
  • Multi-core support for large frontends and device simulations
  • Simple, consistent programming model that lowers time to market
  • Proven solution with many production deployments
  • Unit test coverage in excess of 90%
  • Industry leading security and robustness
  • Type-safe API that is both safe and easy to use

Need help? Automatak can provide commercial support.

  • Direct phone or on-site support
  • Contract software engineering services to integrate dnp3 into your products
  • On-site dnp3 consultation and training
  • Security & conformance testing on the integrated product